1 Family COVID-19 Assistance Package



This care package is enough to feed a family, consisting of four members, for 1 week. The pack includes:

  • 5kg of Maize Flour (Unga Ugali)
  • 2kg of Rice
  • 1kg of Beans
  • 1kg of Green Grams (Ndengu)
  • 1 Litre of Cooking Oil
  • 1 Bar Soap (800 grams)

The cost also includes the charges to cover shopping, packaging and delivery.

To order by telephone, please call 0710440403



GoBEBA is in partnership with Lions Club International District 411A and the Kenya Australia Chamber of Commerce to help individuals, groups and organizations donate essential products to the most vulnerable families or those affected by COVID-19. We have built lists of priority families with partners in areas such as Mathare, Kibera and other low income areas in Nairobi. To donate , simply select the family package that meets your budget. GoBEBA will then shop for items and deliver them to the the priority household. We will notify you of the recipient, should you would want to talk directly with them.